Update Jan 31st:  Rink closed for maintenance


Hours of operation are 10am-9pm daily if temperatures are above 0 or colder then -20 rink will be CLOSED.  Rink may be closed for a private rentals see events calendar for closures & for maintenance. SKATE TAGS ARE REQUIRED TO USE THE ICE EMAIL tbclfacilities@gmail.com


  Monday-Friday SKATING-NO STICKS & PUCKS 10AM-4PM or share the ice with hockey players 


Saturday & Sunday SKATING- NO STICKS & PUCKS 10AM-2PM or share the ice with skaters



**Free Play For Kids will be using the rink on Monday Jan 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th Feb 6th, 13th & 27th.  They will be using the south side of the rink these dates from 6-9pm If you are planning on going to the rink on any of these dates please be respectful and share the rink**


Rink Rules for 2022-2023

 1.Hours of operation are daily from 10am-9pm please respect

2.**The use of alcohol, tobacco and any forms of cannabis or vape are strictly prohibited CITY OF EDMONTON BYLAW 14614 PUBLIC PLACES BYLAW**

3.Rink may be closed due to a PRIVATE EVENT please check community calendar www.twinbrooks.ca for closures

4.Please remove all your garbage from the rink

5.NO Pets allowed on the rink

6.Please respect each other, be safe & have fun!



  Private Ice Rink Rental rates 2022-2023

$85/hr. for TBCL members & $110.00/hr. for non-members

Paid by cheque, cash or money order 

A $200 damage deposit is required for all no ice rental- cash, money order or cheques accepted

10% off for multiple rink bookings or booking both the rink & the community facility

email tbclrentals@gmail.com

NOTE:  Washroom/change area is included when booking the rink provided there is no rental in the building at the time of the rink rental









 Getting the ice ready at the beginning of the season, takes up to 80 hours. The team of volunteers usually flood for 6 nights in a row (weather permitting) and involves prepping the surface (snow removal if needed) & as many thin layered floods per night as possible to eventually build the ice thickness up to 1.5 to 2 inches (4 to 6cm). This task is much easier with more people on shifts of 2 hours or so. That way the team can keep the flooding going all evening as one end of the rink freezes while you flood other areas. With enough volunteers, each individual may only have to come by 1 or 2 nights of that week. That operation usually starts in late November or first week of December.

We have experienced ice maker volunteers in our community who are more than willing to show new volunteers the art of rink maintenance and the science of ice making. No previous experience needed.

On a daily basis, after skating is done for the evening, the entire ice surface should be shoveled/power swept. Skates create snow and the snow needs to be thrown over the boards. Pushing it to the side of the boards just degrades the ice surface and creates more work. This task takes about 1 hour and is a perfect task for someone wanting some exercise (besides shoveling the driveway).

Several opportunities for volunteering exist. Snow removal after snow fall can be accomplished any time of day with use of a snow blower and power sweeper but is necessary before rink can be re-opened. If your schedule permits, once trained, daytime rink maintenance is always possible also. The goal for the volunteer rink maintenance crew is to provide the community with quality skating surface for winter enjoyment of the outdoors.

Ice making & maintenance is a time consuming operation made easier with many volunteers. Weather plays an important role in the success of our rink & Mother Nature always seems uncooperative. Daily dustings of snow render the ice unusable until cleared. 

Both the rink and community centre are solely run by volunteers (NOT the City). So please be patient when making requests. Several times in past years, the rink has been closed due to overworked volunteers and not enough help. Rink maintenance can be quite enjoyable.  Lots of comradery at the rink as our volunteers are a great bunch or people. We have several Parent/Teenager teams helping as well. Teenagers are a good proportion of the users of the rink, so it is great when they come out to help maintain it.

If you are interested in volunteering (no experience is necessary) please contact our Facilities Director at facilities@twinbrooks.ca