Twin Brooks will be hosting a Casino Fundraiser at PURE CASINO Edmonton, 7055 Argyll Road (east of 75th Street) on Wednesday May 25 and Thursday May 26, 2022. This event requires the help of many volunteers and is our most successful fundraiser bringing our community $70,000 - $80,000.

Please see the link below and consider donating your time. If you have any questions please contact Jim at casino@twinbrooks.ca Refer to the link below to see if any shift will work for you. Your casino will be managed by a volunteer general manager(s) from your organization. As a volunteer, you will be glad to know that:  Training and support will be provided by an experienced casino advisor in both the cage and the count room who will train you, support your work, and make the experience one that you will want to repeat. You will be greeted on arrival, registered and given a name tag to wear at all times. Included below is a brief description of each task. SOCCER PARENTS this will go towards your volunteer obligations for the outdoor season! The soccer coordinator will be informed of your commitment after you fulfill the position.

Sign up Link: volunteersignup.org/FEEJE Please pick a volunteer position that fits your interests.

BANKER: You control the main Cash Cage floats of chips and cash. You are assisted directly by Cash Cage Advisor for all activities. Your top priority is to assist cashiers by monitoring their pay outs. You are busiest during opening, volunteer shift changes, and closing of the casino. You refill ("Fill") dealers' chip trays when players leave games with chips to cash in, or to reduce the chips in dealer's tray ("Credit"). You will receive on-the-job training. You use Alberta Gaming’s computer terminal for all transactions and it is easy to operate. Some administrative experience is helpful, but not essential. CASHIER:  You pay off players' chips and make change. You do not sell chips or cash out slot machine coupons.  You will be required to follow defined pay-out procedures that you will learn at the casino.  You have your own float -- you do not share your cash/chip float with anybody. Cash-handling skills and being a little bit street-wise would be an asset!  The cashier's job is challenging, and requires concentration and accuracy.  You should not volunteer to be a cashier if you are color-blind.

CHIP RUNNER: You are a courier (runner) for chip orders for the casino games. You must be able to move around to deliver chips to the games. You will be using a very simple mini-computer to complete your transactions. You are not usually too busy except at the opening and closing of the casino day (bring a good book or something to do). You should be able to carry up to 2.5 kg or 5 lbs. of chips in their delivery racks.  You will always be accompanied on your 'runs' to the games by a casino security guard or a manager.

COUNT ROOM RECORDER:  You work with the Count Room Advisor to keep records of the cash and chips in the count room.  You use a computer terminal for all transactions.  Some administrative skills are useful, and computer skills are very helpful.  You are not required to handle cash. 

Thank you in advance for volunteering for your community



**UPDATE APRIL 30th- both sessions are full*

Registration link:  www.freeplayforkids.com/start-to-play




The Twin Brooks Community League would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to Kat from Stanley Construction who came out last month do some some repairs for us. Stanley Construction wanted to give back to the community so they offered FREE repairs to any Edmonton community leagues that needed some work done. Thanks to their generosity we were able to get repairs done on on our rink.


Get involved by joining the Twin Brooks team.  Volunteer board positions still available:  


Assistant Sports Directors:  Help the sports director with the soccer program such as registration, uniforms, equipment. Board meeting attendance optional.

Volunteer Director:  Recruit people from the community for volunteering at specific events in our community such as soccer registration, Fall Fest etc.

SecretaryTake minutes at monthly meetings, do paperwork for community business. Example:  create agendas & a board directory, file annual return etc.  

Treasurer:  Looks after all the financials records of  the league. Reports & presents financial standing at every AGM.  Creates a annual budget with the help of the board. Collects money & does league banking.  Produces receipts, writes cheques, pays bills...

Communications Director:  Manages our Facebook page, website all signage.  Communicates with our members,  events & activities happening in our community.

 Directors are expected to attend monthly Board meetings, usually held first Monday or Tuesday evening of the month, September to June.

If you are interested in a position please email facilities@twinbrooks.ca for further info.


WHY BECOME A Community League MEMBER?

Did you know that Community League facilities are managed and operated completely by COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERS?  The City of Edmonton provides the land and contributes some programs and resources, but the City does NOT manage or maintain any of our facilities (hall or rink).  Work is done by community volunteers and most funds are via volunteer fundraising projects.  Want to have a nice ice surface to skate on?  JOIN US.  Any help would be greatly appreciated by those who are already spending countless hours volunteering their time to provide this to the community. There are many other opportunities to help out too. But the FIRST and foremost important thing: Become a member.  Community League membership is the foundation of all this, and it's literally pennies per day (now rounded off to nickels, of course 🤣).  We look forward to seeing you!  




The use of tobacco and cannabis (smoking, vaping, etc.) is prohibited within 10 metres of parkland space which contains a school, community centre, parking lot, playground, rink, or sports field.  
Basically, you can not use tobacco or cannabis anywhere in the entire park space around the community league facilities and school. Best to stay at home to do your smoking and/or vaping.

You can refer to City of Edmonton Bylaw 14614 (Public Places) for more details.  Community League facilities are monitored by security resources including recorded video 24 hours per day.