WHY BECOME A Community League MEMBER?

Did you know that Community League facilities are managed and operated completely by COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERS?  The City of Edmonton provides the land and contributes some programs and resources, but the City does NOT manage or maintain any of our facilities (hall or rink).  Work is done by community volunteers and most funds are via volunteer fundraising projects.  Want to have a nice ice surface to skate on?  JOIN US.  Any help would be greatly appreciated by those who are already spending countless hours volunteering their time to provide this to the community. There are many other opportunities to help out too. But the FIRST and foremost important thing: Become a member.  Community League membership is the foundation of all this, and it's literally pennies per day (now rounded off to nickels, of course 🤣).  We look forward to seeing you!  






The use of tobacco and cannabis (smoking, vaping, etc.) is prohibited within 10 metres of parkland space which contains a school, community centre, parking lot, playground, rink, or sports field.  

Basically, you can not use tobacco or cannabis anywhere in the entire park space around the community league facilities and school. Best to stay at home to do your smoking and/or vaping.

You can refer to City of Edmonton Bylaw 14614 (Public Places) for more details.  Community League facilities are monitored by security resources including recorded video 24 hours per day.


Proposed Bylaw Change Article XIII Terms of Office:  "All members of the newly nominated and elected Twin Brooks Community League Board of Directors including President, Vice President and Treasurer, shall serve an indefinite period of time if not less than the required 2 year term."  This will go to a general vote at the October 2019 AGM held at the Twin Brooks Community League Centre on Tuesday, October 22nd at 7:00pm.


Mark your calendars and join us for our ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING at the Twin Brooks Community League Centre on TUESDAY OCTOBER 22, 2019 at 7:00-8:00pm. Positions up for election are President, Secretary, Sports Director, Social Director, Communications Director & Facilities Director. The Vice President position needs to be appointed.   Regular monthly meeting to follow.  Light refreshments will be served.